Hashtag Black Twitter

The Internet is the biggest platform to highlight an issue a joke or anything that is worth grabbing people’s attention or not worthwhile. In any case whether it is about the politics,  business, media, jokes or human rights internet has been the sidekick of the new, the old or just about anything in present time seem important. The Internet makes the problem, joke or news of one country and spreads it like wild fire ending up making it a shared one. Similarly the African Americans of USA are not just progressing outside of cyberspace, nota bene they are making their name here on the web as well.

hastag black twitter

The results of PEW research center show that today, 87% of whites and 80% of blacks are internet users. This discrepancy of merely seven percent includes adults, poor or illiterate African America’s who haven’t access to proper education or living conditions. Even after the difference of seven percentage when it comes to supporting an Issue of utter importance what comes with astonishing results is that the African Americans are likely to share it than Caucasians. Such activities include blog contributions, talking about issues online, online sharing, donations, online information collection or joining a Facebook cause.

It seems as though there have been troubles when it comes to media and African American. There have been lesser channels for African Americans, the radio shows have a scarcity of African voices, magazines have little or no circulation, which is the similar case with newspapers of African American target audience. In such a scenario internet has proved to be a revolutionary platform for African American voices.

The black young adults are the most popular users of social media. In one study it is even noted how 48 percent of African American internet users have celebrity friends as compared to Caucasians which is only 25 percent. It seems as though it is of high importance that the black celebrities ought to be supported by black young adults such as Beyoncé or Rihanna.

The black tweeter is the missing piece that solves the conundrum of black involvement in the cyberspace where it is duly noted that twitter is the most popular way of staying online amongst black young adults. Apart from the favor of pop culture online world seems to connect the black youngsters to the media, hence it is safe to say that the online world furthers the relation of African Americans to the media.

It is also believed that African Americans compared to whites are likely to follow celebrities to keep in touch with entertainment which is why twitter is ever so popular as proven by PEW research center that 22% of online blacks are Twitter users, compared with 16% of online whites.

It is also believed that to be able to gain success economically and to be more social blacks turn to the online world, also to have access to good jobs, some blacks even have multiple online profiles to increase their access towards better opportunities.

Reasons such as access to better jobs, being able to connect in a better way socially and economically, staying connected to pop culture or tweeting to their favorite celebrities blacks have become a popular audience of the internet medium if not other mediums of communication such as newspapers or television.

Resource: Fly ABS


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