5 must-visit Tourism Attractions in Dar Es Salam

The commercial Hub and largest city of Tanzania –the city of Dar Es Salam is one of the most beautiful tourism destinations of East Africa. It is amongst the busiest part of East Africa, though not a capital anymore. The city was formerly a sleepy fishing village is now bustling with more than 3million people with African, Arabic and Indian ethnicities. The city’s coastline is a busy harbor straddled with some of the important sea routes in the world and huge fisheries. The city is well-organized by German colonists arranging a fanning pattern of streets around the port. The architecture of the city is influenced with Swahili, Asian, German, and British impressions.

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Along with the white sand beaches and day trips to gorgeous Mbudiya and Bongoyo Island, here are the 5 must-visit tourism attractions of Dar.

makumbusho village museum flyabsImage By Deofin Safaris

  1. Makumbusho Village Museum

The village Museum exhibits the tradition and culture of 120 ethnic’s groups of Tanzania. The museum beautifully demonstrates the facsimiles of tribal homesteads and village life with local handicrafts, traditional painting, weaving and carving that are live demonstrated by artisans. Cultural activities, tribal dances and Ngoma are also displayed so that the visitors can learn about the true Tanzanian heritage.

botanical gardens flyabs

Image By Geography Lists

  1. Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens is an enchanting mix of indigenous and exotic plants and some rare plants of Seychelles. Home to the horticulture society, these beautiful Botanical Gardens are established by German Colonists in 1893. The widespread and well-organized vegetation offers the lush views to discover. It is the perfect picnic spot to escape from the busy pace of city life to relax and chill out.

bongoyo island flyabs

Image By Tanzania now

  1. Bongoyo Island

Bongoyo Island is an unoccupied island and counts in the Dar Es Salam Marine Reserve. The venue is a popular tourist attraction that offers multiple gaming with some marvelous snorkeling, hiking opportunities and the exotic white sandy beaches. Dhows are available as transportation for reaching the island which takes 30 minutes to get you there.

the national museum flyabs

Image By Cdn1.vtourist

  1. The National Museum

The National Museum was opened in the King George V memorial Museum; the venue is located next to the Botanical Gardens. The museum offers astonishing archeological findings such as 3.6 million years old humanoid footprints and rock paintings. The history of Tanzania, its colonial years and struggle is displayed through historical photos, objects and documents in English and German colonial period, the slave trade, rebellion and independence. The extremely rare and mindful Kilwa period that extends from 9th to 15th century is also presented in the History gallery.

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udzungwa mountains national park flyabs

Image By Static.Panoramio

  1. Udzungwa Mountains National Park

The primal and enchanting forests of Udzungwa are a verdant refuge of 100 feet high trees, and numerous exotic and rare natural vegetations. The forest is an avian wealth attraction of Ornithologists embracing more than 400 species of wildlife. Birdlife enthusiasts can also observe some peculiar bird species, including Asian genus and African fowl. Hiking and waterfall camping and safaris are the main gaming attraction for ornithologists, bird watchers, and tourists. The full primeval adventure experience can be gained in this lush green park.


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