The Hidden Truths about the African Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds:

Diamond is always considered to be a symbol of love and beauty, but in real, for the people of the countries producing these diamonds these are one hell of a challenge. The blood diamonds also broadly referred as conflict diamonds are those diamonds produced by the countries to fund an anti-government military action. Moreover, these diamonds are used to defy the regulations set by the international governments like Security Council. In the past, these blood diamonds have become a cause of many wars and violence. The production of these diamonds caused a lot of violence of human rights and bloodshed as well, especially in the African Countries.

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Facts about the African Blood Diamonds:

It is a known fact that the Africa is the major producer of the diamonds in the world,and therefore, these conflict diamonds have greatly affected the African countries. So, it is important to know some of the major and important facts about the African Blood Diamonds.

Cause of War and Violence:

The major contributor in raising the funds for the wars and violence in many countries of Africa is the trade of these blood diamonds. Some of the major civil wars that took place in Africa are that at Sierra Leone, Congo, Ivory Coast, and Angola. The major cause behind these civil wars is those people who want to take the control of the diamond mine themselves instead of the governing authorities.

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Increased Poverty:

No doubt, these blood diamonds are one of the major causes of increasing the poverty level in African countries where almost one million of the diamond diggers are paid less than a dollar for a day, which is way below the poverty line. Hence, making the access of the basic necessities of life difficult for these diggers. Therefore, a majority of the population of African countries is living a life below the poverty line.

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Increased child labor:

It is easily understood that why about 46% of the diamond diggers are the children between the age of 5 and 16. The reason is that it is not difficult at all to get these children to work at extremely low wages. These children are made to work for long days, even without a single off day requiring a lot of hard work and physical effort making their lives miserable.

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The Destruction of the Environment:

Angola, in particular, is the country that has faced a heavy devastation in its environment because of the mining of these blood diamonds. The major issues that have aroused because of the diamond mining include deforestation increased soil erosions and a forced relocation of the population. The rivers and streams of Angola are particularly affected negatively by the diamond mining. Not only this, but, it has also caused a complete distinction of the ecosystem and the wildlife and also has made the farming land barren.

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Reduced Public Health and Safety:

These diamond mines have also imposed many health threats to the general public. The workers working in these mines are not provided with the necessary tools and equipments that are important for their safety. Hence, it results in an increased death rate that is caused due to the mine collapse, landslides, and many other similar incidents.

Also, the sex trade that is very common in the African blood diamond mines has raised many cases of HIV and other sexually transmitted disease in these countries. In addition, the spread of malaria has become easy because of the stagnant water in the mining pits.

Reduced public health and safety  flyabs

These were some of the facts about the African Blood Diamonds that need to be known and should be brought into the notice of the higher authorities. Sadly, some of the governments that earn a lot of revenue from the trade of these diamonds are also a part of the whole system and also support the production of these blood diamonds. Although, actions have been taken by the international government to ban the production of blood diamonds in the African country, but still, a lot of improvement is needed and the root cause should be eliminated.


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