Tour Groups in Harare Zimbabwe

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Jacarandas in Harare, Zimbabwe, Africa. Travel to Zimbabwe with INSPIRATION ZIMBABWE, your boutique Destination Management Company (DMC) for all inbound travel to Zimbabwe, Africa. INSPIRATION ZIMBABWE is a member of GONDWANA DMCs, a network of boutique DMCs across Africa and beyond.

ngaa chenges wedding

Ngaa Chenges Wedding, Harare, Zimbabwe

the eastgate shopping mall

The Eastgate Shopping Mall, Harare Zimbabwe. Is the first Eco-Friendly building in the world to use natural cooling to this level of sophistication without any air-conditioning…Inspired by nature, a termite hill it is!

domboshawa in harare

Domboshawa in Harare, Zimbabwe

flamboyant trees

Harare: “When everything is working, Harare is a very pleasant town with plenty of parks and open spaces, wide streets lined with jacaranda and flamboyant trees, and pedestrian areas with upmarket shops and craft markets.” Zimbabwe:

victoria falls

Victoria Falls – Zimbabwe / Zambia Border

a strip road

Zimbabwe – On the road – a strip road. I’ve looked and looked for a picture of this. Miles of 2 tarmac strips for the tires.When we went to live in Zimbabwe in 1977 the road from Beit Bridge to Harare looked like this. What an adventure.

ndebele beads, bulawayo

Ndebele beads, Bulawayo

meikles hotel salisbury rhodesia

Meikles Hotel, Salisbury Rhodesia. Daddy used to get his haircut at the barber shop there from John Granger.


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