The Blue and Green of Dar Es Salaam


The islands surrounded by palm trees with sea waves crashing on the shore make tourists all over the world visit Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. Let’s start with the beautiful Coco Beach with white sparkling sand and clear blue water.

palm trees dar es salaam flyabs

The beach is spic and span to begin with, clean as ice so tourists love that obviously. Most importantly the food, it is clean and delicious, an excellent way to taste test the local cuisine is to eat from eateries at the beach amongst them La Dolce Vita and Oyster bay hotel are quite popular. There are palm trees and happy joggers sprinting at along the waves that crash the shore bringing nothing but everything that’s under the sea.

coco beach dar es salaam flyabs

Coco Beach is filled with people swimming, jogging or eating, just enjoying at the beach to the fullest, but if you are one those people who like to have an unobtrusive and quiet beach experience the South beach which is also known as Kigamboni is for you. It has the same white sand and warm, blue waters to swim in but it is more peaceful compared to the Coco Beach.

Mbuja Islands dar es salaam flyabs

Another fad in Dar Es Salaam is taking a boat ride to the islands that are quite an experience because not only is the visit worthwhile as Dar Es Salaam has some of the most beautiful islands they also serve fresh fish and other seafood caught in the morning. Certain Islands such as Bongoyo, Jangwani, Mbuja Islands are really popular because the boat rides are really exciting. Even though these islands are there for tourists the natural structure is intact in order to have the utmost experience of nature. So there are places such as the Slipway shopping center or White Sands Hotel in Jangwani where you can buy boat rides to the islands to be laze around at the white sands or swim in the warm beach water and not to mention the fish!

bargain bazaars dar es salaam flyabs

Dar Es Salaamis not just popular for its beaches or the islands that provide people with an experience of nature, of course, It is also quite popular for its bargain bazaars. To have the ultimate Dar Es Salaam experience jump on the buses called Dala Dala swarming with locals pushing and tugging to find a spot. The famous among the markets is the Kariakoo Market where you can find shoes, clothes and do grocery shopping.

wood carvings dar es salaam flyabs

Wood carvings are quite popular that the tourist love to buy as souvenirs. Of course due to the islands and because the fish wood carvings are popular, colorful fish wood sculptures embellish the countertops of shops.

island food dar es salaam flyabs

The food not only on the islands, but on the streets is delicious, usually comes with condiments to the sides they are exquisite. Goat meat is grilled for the people who can order and let the meat slowly cook on the fire. Indian Cuisine is also available and fish too, whether it is fish gravy or fish and chips it is going to be guaranteed fresh.

kangas made with colorful fabric flyabs

Dar Es Salaam is an ultimate African beaches experience, the natural islands are a brilliant getaway from urban life. So visit Dar Es Salaam sometime and just swim in the warm waters, eat fresh fish, buy one or two wood carvings or take home the Kangas made with colorful fabric.


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