Witness Harare’s Revival

Zimbabwe is coming back in the arena of the international tourism. With its renovated airports and the infrastructure also the five-star hotels keeping up with the pressure and demand of tourism Zimbabwe have now once again become the major tourist attraction.

fly to Harare flyabs

There are no flights that go directly to Harare, flights make stops in Dubai so if you fly from New York or Washington you have to fly to Dubai to fly to Harare from there and because of the stops the ticket prices start from $1000 and that is the cheapest it can get. The reason there are no direct flights is because flights have now continued once again following the revival of Zimbabwe.

five star hotels harare flyabs

Speaking of the revival there are malls, five-star hotels or tours that are now reconditioned so there are many top notch places now to visit, such as the Hilton is now the top notch five-star hotel with amazing service.

african restaurants fly

The African restaurants may serve cuisines that could either be sea food or western in natures, but what is attractive is the African touch to them such as the restaurants Victoria 22 or Amanzi, the experience is still quite African even though there are also international cuisines. Speaking of international cuisines there are restaurants such as the Great Wall and The Sitar that serve quite authentic Chinese and Indian cuisines making the experience more variegated than ever. The African meat is the best in the whole world, people love the steaks I jazz restaurants because the meat tastes sublime. The coffee shops up the game to have the true African experience in Harare, Zimbabwe, where not only he coffee tastes exceptional, but the cakes just taste like “home”, nothing about them cakes scream artificial or preserved.

wildlife in africa flyabs

What’s a visit to one of the African countries and not experiencing wildlife? It is impossible to not witness wildlife in Africa, even the once unproductive farm in Zimbabwe has now attracted lions, elephants or birds because of pumped water and is now called the Hwange National Park. Also, what is an experience of wildlife which is not risky or raises goosebumps? There are canoe rides in Mana Pool National Park, where you can see the crocodiles and hippos.

victoria falls harare flyabs

If the trip to Harare is not making you soaking wet yet, wait until you visit the Victoria Falls. The Victoria falls are a must see for the African tour and all tours include the visit not only because of how majestic the falls are but they are also one of the seven wonders of the world.

major tourist attraction flyabs

There are news popular in Harare Zimbabwe that it is not a safe place, but Harare is the safest place in Africa, visitors often notice how Zimbabweans are in the parks reading newspapers, that is because they can. The fact is Harare has had many a western sanction imposed which crippled it, but it is a rising star and a must-visit place for anyone who wants not only to experience nature or wildlife, but also high-tech, modern and literate urban life.


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